1. Jurus Jurus (Upper Body) – includes all standardized upper body forms and movements including: Cimande Jurus 1-30, Pukulan Jurus 1-18, Kelid Jurus 1-10, Tawekan Jurus, Sera Jurus 1-5 and Pamacan Jurus 1-5.
  2. Lankah Lankah (Lower Body) – includes all standarized long forms and lower body movements including: Lankah Cimande, Lankah Cikalong, Lankah Garis, Lankah Kilap, Cimande Elbow Lankah, Lankah Empat and Lankah Tiga.
  3. Bela Diri (Self Defense) – includes dynamic self defense against a variety of attacks both armed and unarmed. Includes multiple opponent defenses, empty hand, gun, club and knife defenses.
  4. Kembangan (Flower Dance) – traditional flower dance of Pencak Silat. The movements are taught in a beautiful, fluid, rythmic manner in the beginning to eventually become an unpredictable twisting tornado of moving destruction.
  5. Sambutan (Sparring/Fighting) – refers to sparring or fighting in Pencak Silat. In PCK we try to emulate extreme realistic combat conditions. For this reason, sparring is taught in a methodical and progressive manner form slow to medium and finally to full contact sparring. WARNING: Protective equipment is NOT used in PCK sparring.
  6. Senjata (Weapons) – includes a variety of traditional Indonesian weapons and modern counterparts. Traditional weapons include: the keris, kujang, pedang, cabang, kerambit, golok, rencong, clurit, pisau, sarong, halu stick and kancing stick. Modern weapons include: pocket knife, pocket stick, machete, kerambit folder, flexible weapons and improvised weapons.
  7. Kebatinan (Spirituality) – includes the Sundanese teachings of “Buhun” and “Wiwitan”. The primary focus is the use of the Tri Tangtu (Trinity) of Sekala, Niskala and Gusti to enhance you Pencak Silat training and your daily life, the use of the 4 elements is also very important, tenaga dalam (internal energy) development is used for both fighting and healing, Samadhi (deep meditation to purify the spirit) is taught to achieve perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.
  8. Ilmu Rahasia (Secret Science) – includes advanced internal portions of the art that are only taught to the “Chosen Few” who demonstrate their dedication and devotion to the art and their teacher. Student must have a strong grasp of the Kebatinan training and possess unquestionable character to learn this portion of the art.


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