Internal Training


Internal Arts
At Raja Naga Academy we teach a true warrior art and a warrior must develop internally as well as externally, therefore we also focus on Meditation, Healing and Tenaga Dallam or Internal Energy studies. Ancient breathing techniques and Indonesian Yoga, relaxation meditation and healing techniques, Guided Meditation and Chakra awareness are utilized to help keep yourself and those you love at the highest levels of physical and mental health.
Tenaga Dallam
Tenaga Dallam is a term we use to refer to internal energy, Prana or Chi. Tenaga Dallam is not just electricity or bio-energy. It is energy with intelligence. Every move you make, every thought and every second of your life you are working with and giving and recieving this energy at all times. It is my goal to make you aware of these energies so that you may fulfill your God given right to be in conscious control of all aspects of your existence so that you may live a full, enriched life that brings a lightness and sense of peace to your spirit and benefits all you come into contact with.
Short demonstration by students of Tenaga Dallam Sensitivity:
Click here for a short student demonstration of sensitivity to energy.


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