Pasundan translates to “the land of the Sundanese”

Bapak Ismail Sujadi was born in Bandung, Indonesia (West Java) in 1959. His career as an artist/painter has brought him all over the world. However, growing up in Indonesia he was instilled with his people’s moral values, stories and dreams which he carries with him wherever he goes. He began his study of Silat at the early age of six, learning his family’s original style from his father Abah Marjadi who is 86 years old today and only teaches to family members, and from his uncle Mang Aye who passed away in 1995. Mang Aye taught Bapak Ismail mostly the physical aspects including jurus and lankah from Cimande, Cililin, Cikalong, Syahbandar and Sera while Bapak’s father Abah Marjadi focused more on tenaga dalam cultivation, meditation and healing.

This style was inspired by the local energies and wildlife of West Java adopting movements from the many animals (tigers, eagles, monkeys, and snakes) and from the natural elements (water, wind, earth, fire, etc). This system contains many styles, movements, and short forms and also trains in multiple weapons which Bapak learned in Garut from Mang Ikin beginning at the age of 12, such as the golok, karambit, short stick (tongkat pendek), knife (belati), keris, and even the sarung (sarong) and topi (hat). This art focuses not only on the external pencak silat aspects, but devotes just as much time to internal breathing, energy development, meditation and healing. It’s my honor and privilege to train directly with Pak Ismail and to be entrusted to learn his family system of Pasundan Pencak Silat.


Panglipur translates to “the comforter”

Panglipur is a blend of large streams in West Java and West Sumatra, namely from source streams Pencak Silat in West Java, known as Cimande style (which was established by Eyang Kahir/Khoir in the year 1700 to 1789), the Cikalong style (founded by H. Ibrahim in the year 1816 – 1906, a combination of Cimande style with the styles that brought from West Sumatra by Bang Kari and Bang Madi is better known by Kari Madi styles), Syabandar style (which was founded by Haji Kosim in the year 1766 to 1880), Sera/Serak style (which is founded by Pak Sera, the Silat master from Banten who was combines Cimande style with the Aceh styles), and the last one is Betawi style (which is a combination of Cimande style, Sera style, Kari-Madi style, and with other martial arts brought by the immigrants from Chinese Moslem immigrant, Arabic, etc. who live in Batavia/Jakarta). Kang Cecep Arif Rahman as a trainer and manager of Padepokan Kasundan is a sixth generation of Panglipur who continuously trains and researches every aspect of Panglipur and all of its styles to stay progressive and constantly evolving the system to a new level. It’s my honor and privilege to be able to train with such a highly skilled, humble and knowledgeable instructor.


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